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Сборник грамматических тестов по английскому языку

 Тест 1

I. Заполните пропуски одним из вариантов

1. Julia began to read this book last month and just it

a) had finished

b) finished

c) Has finished

2. The Sahara is ... desert in the world

a) the hotter

b) hottest

c) the hottest

3. I don't like coffee with ...

a) the milk

b) milks

c) milk

4. I usually go to school... bus

a) on

b) by

c) at

5. The book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" - by Mark Twain

a) has written

b) was wrote

c) was written

6. I... this film last month

a) had seen

b) has seen

c) saw

7. Next week I... a very interesting play

a) 'll see

b) saw

c) see

8. Where is John? He ... hockey

a) 41 play

b) played

c) is playing

9. They... buy tickets to the theatre

a) can


a) may

II.Соедините правильно 2 половины в одно предложение

1. She plays tennis ...

2.She is playing tennis ...

3.She has played tennis ...

4.She played tennis ...

5.She will play tennis .


1.… at this moment

2.… an hour age

3.… every Monday

4. … next Monday

5. for two hours



III. Вставьтепредлоги:

1. Let`s meet … 6 o`clock

a)      in

b)      on

c)      at

2. My brother works ... school

a)      to

b)      at

c)      in

3. Alina is fond ... ballet

a)      of

b)      on

c)      at

4. Fresh fruit is good ... your health

a)      with

b)      on

c)      at

5. He lives ... Chicago

a)      in

b)      at

c)      on

6. I'm going to visit my friends ... September

a)      on

b)      of

c)      in

7.      I go to school... foot

a)      on

b)      of

c)      by

8. "Winnie - the - Pooh" is written ... Alan Milne

a)      by

b)      with

c)      in

9. We spent 2 lovely weeks ... the Mediterranean Sea

a)      on

b)      at

c)      in

10. Look... this photo! Isn't it nice?

a)      at

b)      in

c)      off

IV.     Вставьтеартикли, гденеобходимо:

1.      They traveled in ... summer

2.      She took ... umbrella

3.      ... Jack London is a well - known American writer

4.      ... tea is cold

5.      On ... Monday we open at 9 o'clock

6.      It was ... cold day

7.      ... Petrovs are our neighbours

8.      ... ice - cream is made of milk and sugar

V.         Расставьте буквосочетания в алфавитном порядке:

1. a) ear     2. a) dol     3. a) sup

b) eat         b) dec       b) sib

c) eth         c) dat        c) set


Тест 2

Раскройте скобки, используйте Past Simple and Present Perfect  

I (just get) a letter from my cousin. She (start) her rock climbing course last month. She (not/climb) in the mountains yet but she (learn) how to use the ropes. She (do) a practice climb in the gym last Saturday and she (not/be) afraid. Her friend (begin) climbing 6 month ago and he (already do) lost of exciting climbs. But he (not/go) to the mountains last month because he (be) ill.


2.   Переведите на английский язык

1.Они были в Америке? - Да

2.Мой старший брат только что вернулся из школы

3.Москва была основана Юрием Долгоруким


3. Вставьте предлоги:

1.      He arrived ... India half a month ago

a)      at

b)      in

c)      to

2.      I am ready... the Globe Theatre

a)      for

b)      against

c)      —

3.      Westminster Abbey is ... the houses of Parliament

a)      against

b)       near

c)         for

4.      Jean Claude talked ... his wayward teenager

a)       with

b)       to

c)       off

5.      The temperature is 7 degrees ... Zero

a)       on

b)       at

c)      above


4. Соотнесите английские предложения с русскими

1. She may come

2. She must come

3. She needn't come

4. She has to come

Ей можно придти

Она должна придти

Ей нужно придти

Ей можно не приходить

5. Отметьте правильный вариант

1. The Volga is longer … the Themes

a) as           b) than                c) from

2. She is the … beautiful girl in our class

a) more       b) mort      c) much

Тест З

Выберите правильный вариант

1.Run downstairs! Your sister ... for you.

a) will wait b) is waiting c) waits

2.Nina just... the window to fresh the room

a) has opened  b) opened c) opens

3.Usually he ... he the cinema with his classmates

a) went   b) is doing  c) goes

4.Next summer he ... his Granny in the village

a) Visit    b) 41 visit   c) visits

5. I ... this job a month ago

a) got         b) have got         c) get

6.We ... five days a week

a) work    b) works   c) are working

7.Look out of the window. It... hard

a) rains b) is raining c) will rain

8.Many cars ... in Detroit

a) are built    b) built      c) are building

9.I... tired last night so I watched TV until 3 a.m.

a) were      b) am         c) was

10. Henry and Amy ... two children

a) has         b) have               c) are having

Вставьте артикль, где необходимо

1. We live in ... small flat near ... centre of the city

2.  ... President of the USA is elected every 4 years

3.  Are you going to ... country on ... Saturday?

4. We often go ... theatre and to ... cinema

5.  ... Queen Elizabeth II won't speak on TV tomorrow

Выберите правильный модальный глагол:

1.      The sky is dark. It., rain soon

a)      may b) should c) has to

2.      The lights are on. They ... be at home

a) may b) must   c) need

3.      You ... to come here again

a) mush b) can   c) have

Исправьте ошибки и запишите правильно предложения

1.      Is it often rain in autumn

2.      who are playing in the yard?

3.      Where did you be on Sunday?

Задайте вопросы к выделенным словам

1.      The table was bought by me an hour age

2.      There are many flowers in our school garden

3.      My parents will go to Europe next month

Тест 4

Поставьте наречия в нужное место:

1.      I get up very early in the morning (never)

2.      I help my mother about the house (always)

3.      He goes to school by the Metro (often)


II.      Вставьте артикль, где это необходимо:

1.      Why didn't you buy… some cheese?

2.      This is ... easy question

3.      From far away there appeared ... ship

4.      What is ... name of the next station?

5.      My sister married ... Georgian


Раскройте скобки, употребив нужную форму глагола

1.      Look! Не (to make) breakfast himself

2.      Maria (to start) to study English six months ago

3.      Jam (to be) to New York many times

4.      That building (to destroy) by fire

5.      You (to visit) your parents in a week

6.      They (to go) to Paris every April

7.      John (to like) pizza

8.      There (to be) 5 students from China in my class

9.      She is in the library and she (to translate) an article from English

10.    Usually he (to go) to the disco on Sunday



1.      Our city... an industrial and economic centre in the region

a) besides  b) whole   c) both

2.      My dream is to ... all over the world

a) travel     b) belong   c) consist

3.      Our trip was rather ....

a) enjoyable       b) comfortable  c) possible


Переведите на английский язык

1.      Они говорят по-английски

2.      Лондонское метро построено в 19 веке (century)

3.      Я могу навестить Тома

4.      Они будут красить корпус судна, мачты

Тест 5

Исключите слово, отличающееся от остальных:

1. seven; 2.eleven; З a hundred; 4.eighteen; 5.second; 6.seventy; 7.twenty-five; 8.three.



1.Pam was playing the violin while Tom - the piano.

a) played b)was playing c) had played

2.I - all my exams in June.

a) have passed b) passed c) is passing

3.Не- a pilot during the World War.

a) is b) will be c) was

4.You - this test now;

a.) write b) were writing c) are writing

5.You - work hard at your English if you want to know it.

a)can b) may c) must

6.She - in the suburbs of Moscow.

a)live b) lives c) is living

7.The - comes every morning,

a) postman b) postmen

8.I invited my friend to – place.

a) me b)my c) mine

9.Mr. Smith stayed at his office very late because he - a lot of work.

a) has b) will have c) had

10.When and where did you see him - ?

a) last b) last time



1. We were waiting - the taxi to drive to the door. a)for b)on c) to

2. Hello, how are you getting - ? a) in b) on c)at

3. Please, everybody get - the bus. We are starting, a) at b) on c) out


Расставьте в правильном порядке следующие слова так, чтобы получилось предложение в Passive

1. Was, by, letter, friend, the, by, written.

2. By, Switzerland, are, watches, hand, made, fine.


Дайте английские эквиваленты для слов, стоящих в скобках

1. It is too late, there is (никого) in the cafe.

2. Is there (что-нибудь) interesting on TV today?

3. Listen! (кто-то) is talking in the next room.


Раскройте скобку, употребляя нужную форму прилагательного:

1. Mary is the (busy) girl in our class

2. This is the (bad) day in my life.

3. This park is the (beautiful) place in our town.







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